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Everybody says Twinkles is the BEST clown in town! Twinkles has been clowning around for many years and inherited her funny bone from her mom - Jingles. JINGLES & TWINKLES clowned around at the “Conference on the Power of Laugher and Play” in California and had fun at Clown Camp - week long programs for five years at the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse. In 1984 Twinkles won 2nd Place at the World Clown Association Convention for MakeUp and Costume in Las Vegas Nevada.

Most people agree that education is important in every area of life. Clowning is no different! In 1993 Twinkles won recognition from S.C.O.R.E. for the BEST Business Plan at TVI-Albuquerque!

Quality essential oils are a passion and provide healthy solutions to take responsibility for our own health. QUALITY essential oils support our lives emotionally and physically. I stay calm, cool, and collected when I work as a balloon decorator or Twinkles, even on sunny days with DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL applied directly to skin, on my scalp, or the back of my neck, or internally it's very refreshing. Quality Lavender oil soothes a burn, and I put it on my ears to promote restful sleep. Awesome! SERENITY is a blend that is amazing for stress/anxiety. A Digestive oil blend is used to help soothe a crummy tummy…it works great for me! Some doTERRA oils are safe for skin (topical), internal, and some are perfect for diffusing.

We can talk on the phone, or meet with small groups for education and conversation. Check the website for ordering or to find out more information for yourself :  debioils.com

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